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Casualty (E:6 S:34) (50 min)

21:50-22:40 BBC one
Samstag 2019-09-28
  GB  2019

David agrees to let Rosa move in Struggling to get along after Ollie's operation, David is reluctant to leave for work. He's surprised to learn Ollie invited Rosa round to keep him company. Rosa talks to Ollie about his temper and enlists his help in handing out fliers. They bond as Ollie reminds Rosa of her son. In the park Rosa gets knocked down by Ceri on an electric scooter, bumping her head. Ceri had hired scooters for her boyfriend Nick's birthday. Wanting to reveal her pregnancy she also put up a sign to congratulate the new dad. Hurt that Nick — not realising the sign was for him — made fun o f the poor dad-to-be, she got distracted and crashed into Rosa, hurting her wrist. When the paramedics arrive, Ollie and Rosa are disappointed they aren't able to hide this from David as Rosa needs stitches. Ceri's wrist is found to be broken and her pregnancy is revealed to a surprised Nick when she refuses pain relief. David is distraught when Rosa and Ollie are brought into the ED as Ollie was supposed to be resting but Ollie questions how much David really cares for people as Rosa is getting kicked out of her flat. Seeing how hurt he is by Ollie's temper, Rosa reassures David about his parenting skills. Upset that Nick isn't more excited about the baby, Ceri offers to pay for a scan for him to see it but Nick is more anxious about needing to be home by 3pm. Alone, Ollie reveals to Rosa that he's scared he's inherited bipolar disorder from his dad as he can't seem to control his temper. Rosa assures him mood swings are normal for teenagers but encourages him to raise his concerns with David. Having never been to his house, Ceri's suspicions are piqued when Nick hides a call from home. Under pressure Nick decides that he can't be a dad. Ceri finds his address and goes to his house where she finds his wife, bound to a wheelchair after a stroke ten years ago. Ceri tries to leave but Nick chases after her and hurts his leg. The paramedics arrive, and find Nick's leg is ischemic and he is rushed to ED. Nick is horrified to hear he might lose his leg as he ignored the pain for so long. It wasn't a sordid affair, Nick had told his wife about Ceri from the day he met her. Ceri and Nick's future is going to be complicated as Nick can't abandon his wife but before his surgery they agree that they love each other and their baby will be loved. Wanting to help Rosa as she has helped him, Ollie suggests she move in with him and David. Rosa demands that the two get their acts together but, with David convinced, she is happy to join the family, bringing a kitten along with her as a gift.

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